What are the benefits of being an Event Volunteer?

Event Volunteers at Battle for the Bay

The benefits of becoming an Event Volunteer are not just for the event and the general community, but also for the volunteers themselves. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

Being a volunteer you can see behind the scenes of events, get closer to the action and play a role in making the event possible.

Below are some testimonials from previous volunteers

“All friendly volunteers, organising team – real team work mixed with fun and enjoyment, being looked after very well”

“Very happy to work with the Volunteer Team. Feel great to give something back to community and help others.”

“I enjoyed every second of my time volunteering but the real highlight was the incredible meals and wonderful company. The other volunteers and paid workers were all so friendly and lovely to be around, thank you all for a wonderful time!”

“I just really enjoyed the general vibe of the volunteering, it was great to hang out with a lot of people and to make lots of new friends.”

“A great sense of satisfaction from volunteering with Event Volunteers. Meeting friendly people and finding that close friends were participating in the marathon.”

Using your skill in different events is fun. Ireland has a great reputation for volunteering so join the Event Volunteers team and make your talents known to the events world.

Event Volunteers offers you

  • A vibrant volunteering community with ongoing interaction
  • Access to a diverse range of events
  • Access to training and orientation sessions
  • A progression route through Volunteer Management Training to become a Team leader
  • Long term recognition
  • Skill development
  • Volunteer gatherings
  • A platform for ideas and input into future events
  • Satisfaction and social gratitude of helping others
  • Hands on work experience for students (references provided if requested)
  • Lots of fun