Training for Volunteers

Training for Volunteers

Event Volunteers at Flavours of FingalAt Event Volunteers we pride ourselves on the training we provide to our volunteers and to the volunteer involving organisations we work with. There are a variety of trainings that we provide to our volunteers.

Volunteer Hub Roadshow

The roadshow takes place as various large scale public events during the year and aims to engage new potential Event Volunteers.

Volunteer Information Sessions

These sessions, usually run twice a year are the next step along our training ladder and offer potential volunteers the opportunity to find out more about what we do, meet current Event Volunteers and sign up on the spot

Volunteer Orientation Sessions

Depending on the scale of the event and the number of Event Volunteers required for the event this make take place 2 to 5 days before the event, usually in Fingal County Council Offices. For smaller events this orientation takes place on site at the event. It is a requirement that All Event Volunteers attend these sessions.

All Event Volunteers are given a full briefing on the morning of each event, and provided with an information pack to take away with them.

Team Leader Training

Each Winter we identify potential Team Leaders to lead our events in the following year. This training is run in partnership with a number of our partners including; Fingal County Council, Dublin Civil Defence and Safe Events amongst others.

These trainings are usually run over two days and volunteers invited to attend must attend both days and then undergo a practical assignment.

Volunteer Management Training

For our Team Leaders and other interested volunteers we offer a short volunteer management course speciafically dealing with volunteer support and supervision and dealing with difficult and challenging situations. All of these courses above are free to attend.

How do I become a team leader?

To become a team leader you must have attended at least 2 events. Team leaders must also have attended a training course for Event Volunteers as well as attend a Team Leader Training Session. Event Volunteers Team Leaders are constantly interacting with members of the public and team leaders may be responsible for other team members.

How to register as an Event Volunteer

Step one
Log on to the Event Volunteer website (

Step two
Click on the heading tab Volunteers which has a number options in the drop down menu.  To register click on ‘apply to be a volunteer’, you will then get the option to either sign up or login if you are already signed up.

Step three
Once you have clicked sign up you will then be directed to a page where it will ask if you have an existing user name and password, click no if you are signing up and click yes if you already have an existing username and password.

Step four
This will then bring you to the stage where you need to create a username and enter your email address.

Step five
Once you have completed entering your username and email address, it will direct you to a page where you must enter your personal details please make sure you include your mobile telephone number.

Step six
After entering your personal details you will then be requested for to give additional information, including your primary contact and dietary needs.

Step seven
After completing and saving (by clicking Save at the bottom of the page) the additional information, you will then be registered your application to become an Event volunteers where you can access your profile. Your profile will then be checked and verified by one of our team.

Step eight
Once you access your profile you will need to click what privacy settings you would like to have for your profile

Step nine
Following verification by our team, if you have been accepted you can sign up for upcoming events by clicking on the sign-up tab located on the top of your profile, this will bring to the list of all the events that you can apply for.

Step ten
Click on the event you would like to volunteer for and click on sign up and then save. Once you have applied the system will tell you that you have not been scheduled yet but will be contacted later regarding your assigned shifts.


Volunteer Policy

The purpose of this Volunteer Policy is to provide all staff and volunteers with clear guidelines, to prescribe limits of behaviour, assign responsibilities and explain Volunteer management systems and operating standards. It supplements other Event Volunteers policies & procedures. Click on any headline in the white to reveal more information on that topic.

The Volunteer Policy does not constitute a binding contract. We reserve the right to change the policy and to expect adherence to the changed policy. Volunteers and staff are expected to act in accordance with all event policies and procedures as outlined by this policy.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section you can find a series of frequently asked questions, please check this section firstly before contacting us.  If you have a question which isn’t listen below please contact us directly and we’ll update this page as well.

Volunteer Agreement

A copy of our updated Volunteer Agreement will be online soon

What are the benefits of being an Event Volunteer?

What are the benefits of being an Event Volunteer?

Event Volunteers at Battle for the Bay

The benefits of becoming an Event Volunteer are not just for the event and the general community, but also for the volunteers themselves. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

Being a volunteer you can see behind the scenes of events, get closer to the action and play a role in making the event possible.

Below are some testimonials from previous volunteers

“All friendly volunteers, organising team – real team work mixed with fun and enjoyment, being looked after very well”

“Very happy to work with the Volunteer Team. Feel great to give something back to community and help others.”

“I enjoyed every second of my time volunteering but the real highlight was the incredible meals and wonderful company. The other volunteers and paid workers were all so friendly and lovely to be around, thank you all for a wonderful time!”

“I just really enjoyed the general vibe of the volunteering, it was great to hang out with a lot of people and to make lots of new friends.”

“A great sense of satisfaction from volunteering with Event Volunteers. Meeting friendly people and finding that close friends were participating in the marathon.”

Using your skill in different events is fun. Ireland has a great reputation for volunteering so join the Event Volunteers team and make your talents known to the events world.

Event Volunteers offers you

  • A vibrant volunteering community with ongoing interaction
  • Access to a diverse range of events
  • Access to training and orientation sessions
  • A progression route through Volunteer Management Training to become a Team leader
  • Long term recognition
  • Skill development
  • Volunteer gatherings
  • A platform for ideas and input into future events
  • Satisfaction and social gratitude of helping others
  • Hands on work experience for students (references provided if requested)
  • Lots of fun

Checklist for involving Event Volunteers

Pre-event Checklist

  • Event VolunteersA Volunteer Manager is provided by ourselves please name the Event Manager on the day to us.
  • Liaise with the Volunteer Manager to agree the details of the event/ project. There must be a clear project and role descriptions for the work of Event Volunteers.
  • Ensure all the materials and equipment that Event Volunteers need are there on the day.
  • Have a chat with our Event Volunteers Staff if you are unsure of what you’ll need.
  • Ensure the Health and Safety of all participants. It is important that no risks are taken and that all appropriate safety guidelines are followed. It may be necessary to carry out a Risk Assessment, again please contact the Event Volunteers Team if you need assistance.

Prior to the day

  • Establish if certain members of any of the Event Volunteers have any physical considerations that may effect their participation in the project.
  • Confirm that you are properly insured. Normally Public Liability Insurance will cover such events but please confirm with your Insurer. Fingal Volunteer Centre will not accept any liability for claims arising from Event Volunteers being involved.
  • Arrange some time before the event/project to meet with the Event Volunteers to brief them on their work (as per your role description/s). On the day is fine, or you might prefer to arrange and information session a few days beforehand.

On the day of the event:

  • Event Volunteers experience with your organisation will have a lasting impact and will influence their commitment in the future so please bear in mind.
  • Be at the event site early and ready to greet the volunteers.
  • Make sure everyone is expecting them to ensure a warm welcome.
  • Usually volunteers are keen to get started on the event but we suggest providing a cup of tea and some biscuits (perhaps while you briefly go over the project and tasks for the day.)
  • Some volunteers may be unsure of their roles so it is a good ides to check in with them as they begin their tasks, making sure everyone is comfortable with his or her role.
  • Allow the volunteers an an opportunity to get their bearings in a new environment.
  • Give the Event Volunteers a short tour of the site and cover “domestic” arrangements is important e.g where coats and personal items can be left, where the bathroom is, where the first aid box is located and where to get tea/ coffee, arrangements for lunch etc
  • Highlight any safety issues, letting volunteers know if there are areas they shouldn’t access/enter.
  • It is important to be on hand on the day to engage with the volunteers, oversee their work, answer any questions, offer support etc. This is important in order to maintain clarity of roles throughout the day and build a good working relationship.
  • Lunch and coffee should ideally be provided and these breaks in the day often provide valuable opportunities to check in with volunteers and express thanks for their efforts.