Events > 2013 > May > 1. Malahide's UberFest, Bridgefield (24 & 26 May 2013)

About this event:

Created by stevegjacobs

Bridgefield, Malahide

Malahide's Uber Fest The Event Office in Fingal County Council identified a site in Malahide for they knew would suit a series of concerts and events which formed part of Malahide’s Über Fest on the 24, 25 and 26 of May 2013.

Event Volunteers and Fingal Volunteer Centre were engaged to run the Volunteer Programme for the event. Fingal County Council are among the most active County Councils in the country and are constantly working hard to develop new events to serve the 250,000 plus people who live in Fingal.

Über Volunteers were based inside the Festival Arena and provided information to attendees on the location of facilities, toilets, food retailers etc. and distributed information on upcoming events during the festival. This role involved being mobile within the Festival Arena over the 3 days of the event.

Check out the video below from our colleagues at Cuckoo Event of Malahide’s Über Fest.







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