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Created by stevegjacobs

Clonshaugh, Dublin 17

Fingal Festival of FootballThe Fingal Festival of Football takes place on Saturday 17 August and is an annual event that is hosted by Fingal County Council. It started in a much smaller format as the ‘Harmony Cup’ but has grown immensely since then.

In the past there have been teams from all over Ireland and Europe participating in this magnificent youth sports event. This year is a special anniversary as we are celebrating 11 years of the festival. The Fingal Festival of Football is a unique event as it includes boys and girls football as well as participants with intellectual and physical disabilities.

In the past there have been youth teams travelling from the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain to play in the Fingal competition and this year promises to be even better than last year. This volunteer role will be working as part of the events team with Fingal Volunteer Centre and the Events Office in Fingal County Council providing support and results back to Event Control and ensuring teams and players are in the correct location and pitch.

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