Step one
Log on to the Event Volunteer website (

Step two
Click on the heading tab Volunteers which has a number options in the drop down menu.  To register click on ‘apply to be a volunteer’, you will then get the option to either sign up or login if you are already signed up.

Step three
Once you have clicked sign up you will then be directed to a page where it will ask if you have an existing user name and password, click no if you are signing up and click yes if you already have an existing username and password.

Step four
This will then bring you to the stage where you need to create a username and enter your email address.

Step five
Once you have completed entering your username and email address, it will direct you to a page where you must enter your personal details please make sure you include your mobile telephone number.

Step six
After entering your personal details you will then be requested for to give additional information, including your primary contact and dietary needs.

Step seven
After completing and saving (by clicking Save at the bottom of the page) the additional information, you will then be registered your application to become an Event volunteers where you can access your profile. Your profile will then be checked and verified by one of our team.

Step eight
Once you access your profile you will need to click what privacy settings you would like to have for your profile

Step nine
Following verification by our team, if you have been accepted you can sign up for upcoming events by clicking on the sign-up tab located on the top of your profile, this will bring to the list of all the events that you can apply for.

Step ten
Click on the event you would like to volunteer for and click on sign up and then save. Once you have applied the system will tell you that you have not been scheduled yet but will be contacted later regarding your assigned shifts.